Pixelesque - Pixel Art for Android

One day in Fall 2011, I noticed there was no pixel art applications for Android, so took it upon myself to write one. In 48 hours I had completed version 1, and have been slowly adding features to it since then. Like Plasma Sound and Plasma Pong, Pixelesque is fully open source, and available on the Android Market for free.

Pixelsque's goal is to be as simple as possible, while still retaining many powerful features. It works like any standard pixel art editor, with a pen, eraser, and shapes. Pinch zoom and two finger drag can be used to move around the image from anywhere. Lesser-used functions such as save/open/new, and others can be found in the menu, saving valuble screen space on phones, and allowing easy access on tablets. It fully supports all Android devices from low-end phones to high-end tablets.